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mask Maskbox

Mask kids 3 layers

- On order

- Individual packaging

- One kids size 14*9cm

- 3 layers:

* Outer layer: 100% polyester microfibre fabric with special water-repellent treatment.

* Middle layer: PP Non-woven fabric with filter function

* Inner layer: 100% polyester fine mesh breathable fabric.

Maskbox is a reusable cloth mask designed to suit both men and women. They are made from special materials that help reduce the spread of droplets while providing maximum comfort.

It adapts perfectly to the contours of your face so that air and viral particles cannot pass through the mask. It is held on your face by 2 very soft and flexible elastics.

Washing advice: The mask must be systematically cleaned after use. Machine wash at 65°C. Then tumble dry or air dry.

ATTENTION This is not medical material and is not delivered sterile.

This mask is not personal protective equipment, it does not have virus-filtering properties, but covers your face and helps reduce the transmission of viruses to others.

100% Polyester

Taille unique

Homme, Femme, Unisex

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