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Back to school

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Back to school
Need to get ready for the new school year?
Discover in this new category all our special assortment "Back to school". You will discover a set of textiles that will meet your demands such as t-shirts Gym, sweaters with the effigy of your classes, schools, school groups, sports groups. You will also find all the necessary school supplies such as pencils, laths, notebooks,... All these items are of course customizable as you wish.
Back to school

Check out our selection of articles specially designed to prepare for the beginning of the school year. Maisons Clothes offers you a wide range of articles among which you will discover slats, pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, adhesive notes, erasers, and many more. Everything you need to enrich the contents of your bag can be found here. Our items can be customized with your logo, your design or a message to highlight your identity. This category is not exclusively for schools and educational institutions. If you are part of a student committee or an association and you want to provide a personalized kit for the back to school, we are here to accompany you. Similarly, if you represent a not-for-profit organization and your goal is to provide free or low-cost school supplies to low-income families, we are ready to support you in this noble cause. Do not hesitate to consult our other categories complementary to back to school such as sports bags in the sportwear category. But also T-shirts, jackets, softshells, sweatshirts, sweaters, bags and luggage. Our catalog presents a sample of our selection, so do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the one that suits you. We are here to help you prepare for a successful return to school. We remain at your disposal for any request for additional information. You can also send us a quote request by e-mail at We will send you a personalized quote, possibly accompanied by additional questions about your order, in order to offer you the best possible service. You will then receive a summary of your order, followed by an overview to validate.