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Looking for custom chargers? You can offer them as corporate gifts during the onboarding of a new employee, to your suppliers, or business partners. They also make excellent items to distribute at events. Explore our selection of chargers.
Custom chargers tailored to your brand image.

Explore the extensive catalog of chargers offered by Maisons Clothes, suitable for a variety of devices and phones. Among our options, you’ll find Philips chargers, ultra-fast models equipped with multiple USB ports, as well as solar chargers made from recycled plastic. Car chargers ensure a constant power supply while you’re on the go.

Discover our wireless chargers, including car mounts with integrated chargers and magnetic chargers. Our innovative range includes photo frames with chargers, some also serving as pencil organizers to optimize desk space.

Choose elegance with our mouse pads equipped with induction chargers. At Maisons Clothes, we offer a variety of ingenious items to meet your charging needs while adding a touch of style to your space.

Our catalog showcases a sample of our selection, so feel free to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

We are at your disposal for any additional information. You can also send us a quote request via email at

We will send you a personalized quote, possibly accompanied by additional questions about your order, to provide you with the best possible service. You will then receive an order summary, followed by a preview for validation.