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Games & Toys
Looking for an unforgettable play experience?
Turn your games and toys into unforgettable memories by adding a personal touch with our line of customizable products. We offer a selection of games and toys ranging from Frisbees to puzzles to card games. Personalize them with your logo, personal message or design of your choice.
Games & Toys

Welcome to Maisons Clothes. Explore a world of entertainment with our carefully curated selection of games and toys. Our diverse catalog is sure to satisfy all your desires and needs. Take a look today. Choose from wooden toys, coloring sets, dominoes, beach-day entertainment, and much more. You can make them available to children in educational institutions, childcare services, or even in waiting rooms of medical and healthcare centers. These items have the potential to entertain both adults and children on special occasions or to be given as gifts, whether to your employees, business partners, or even your clients. Our games and toys add a unique touch, leave a lasting impression, and awaken the magic of childhood. Our catalog provides a glimpse of our selection, so do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what suits your needs. We are here to assist you. We are available for any additional information you may need. You can also send us a quote request via email at We will send you a personalized quote, possibly with additional questions about your order, to offer you the best possible service. Afterward, you will receive an order summary, followed by an overview for validation.