CAMP PACK 2023 contest - Maisons Clothes
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Maisons Clothes is organizing a big contest to give its community the chance to win one of its best-sellers, a camp pack.

The aim is to reimburse you for the value of a camp pack.

There are a few rules to follow:

To enter our contest, you’ll need to:

1. have purchased a camp pack from Maisons Clothes

2. Take your best photos with your pack

3. Share your photos on your social networks by tagging @Maisonsclothes

Please note that each photo equals one entry. The more photos you share, the more chances you have of winning the contest.

If these three conditions are not met, your entry will not be validated.

You will have the opportunity to be reimbursed for a camp pack with a MAXIMUM value of €416.00 incl. VAT. If the value of the camp pack ordered exceeds this amount, the remaining balance will be charged to the customer.

ATTENTION: Only persons belonging to a youth movement may take part in the competition.

–> Maisons Clothes reserves the right to republish and use the photos entered in the competition from 05/07/2023 to 15/08/2023 on its social networks.

–> Maisons Clothes declines all responsibility for image rights concerning photos posted during the contest. Responsibility lies with the person who posted the photo to participate in this contest.

The contest will start on 05/07/2023 and end on 15/08/2023.

The winner will be chosen by random draw and informed on a publication, and will also receive a private message.

This contest is not associated with Instagram. Its promotion is not managed/sponsored by Instagram.

Only one winner will be rewarded in this contest.

Good luck to all.