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Gift cards

Everyone finds something they like

Choose the gift card that best suits your budget. Each one corresponds to a specific value and grants access to a wide selection of gifts.


A gift for every occasion

The gift card is a well-appreciated gesture in all circumstances and suitable for every occasion. To give you some ideas, here are a few examples where it proves to be the perfect choice.


How does it work?

Choose the card of your choice from our Gift Cards category.

Send an email to Our sales department will get back to you to discuss the details of your order as soon as possible.

Upon receiving the card, the recipient can exchange it on by entering the code on the card, of which the value will not be visible. Once on the site, the recipient can view all the gifts available to choose from.

The shipping cost is 9.95 EUR for the delivery of one card. However, if you order multiple cards and have them delivered to the same address, this cost will only be charged once.

Download the PDF here for more information