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Want to customize ponchos for your outdoor events? Stand out from other bars and restaurants by offering your customers personalized ponchos during terrace meals. You can also provide a customized experience for visitors to your campsite or make these ponchos a useful and comfortable corporate gift for your employees.
Customized ponchos tailored to your brand image.

Discover our extensive range of customizable ponchos, available in a variety of vibrant colors, solid tones, or adorned with trendy patterns. These versatile ponchos are practical pieces suitable for many occasions, whether at the beach, pool, around a campfire, or even as gifts for guests at cooler wedding evenings.

Some of our models are specially designed with excellent absorbency, making them ideal for activities near water. Consider enhancing your customers’ experience at your spa center by offering these ponchos, either as a complement or replacement for traditional towels.

These ponchos can also be distributed or sold at various events such as festivals. Add an eco-friendly touch to your style by exploring our selection of sustainable textiles for fashion that aligns with your values.

Make every moment a unique experience with our customizable ponchos, harmonizing practicality, style, and a commitment to sustainability.

Our catalog showcases a sample of our selection, so feel free to contact us if you don’t find one that suits your needs.

We are at your disposal for any additional information. You can also send us a quote request via email at info@maisonsclothes.be.

We will send you a personalized quote, possibly accompanied by additional questions about your order, to provide you with the best possible service. You will then receive a summary of your order, followed by a preview to confirm.